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Standardising Success: How Netspeak's A/B Testing Process Elevates the Game

In the dynamic world of mobile gaming, understanding player behaviour is paramount. At Netspeak Games, we've always been data-driven 📊, but it's our commitment to standardised processes and templated reports that has truly set us apart. Today, we're pulling back the curtain on our process for testing new content, and how our standardised approach made all the difference.

The Power of Process 💪

Like many game studios, we at Netspeak recognize the value of testing. What enhances our approach is our dedication to a standardised testing process. By having a consistent approach:

  1. Efficiency: We cut down the time between ideation and execution. With a set process in place, our teams know exactly what steps to follow, eliminating guesswork and ensuring that tests are set up correctly from the start 🕒
  2. Reproducibility: Future tests can easily replicate or build upon previous ones. This continuity allows us to compare results over time and understand long-term trends 🔄
  3. Collaboration: Different teams can seamlessly work together, understanding the stages of the test and their roles in it 🤝

The Role of Templated Reports 📑

Our templated reports are the unsung heroes of our testing process. These templates ensure:

  1. Consistency: Every test, regardless of its nature, is reported in the same format. This makes it easier for stakeholders to understand results at a glance ✅
  2. Accuracy: With a set format, there's less room for error. Critical data points are never missed 🔍
  3. Speed: Turnaround time is crucial. With our templates, reports are generated faster, allowing us to act on insights without delay ⚡

Event Test in Focus 🔍

While testing a new seasonal event, we realised that more players than expected were dropping off. The hypothesis was that a more streamlined onboarding might retain players better. Using our process, we quickly set up an A/B test. The results? The group introduced to the streamlined experience exhibited a notably smaller dropoff, enhancing player retention 📈

But it wasn't just the test that was a success. Our templated report allowed us to quickly disseminate the results across our teams. Designers, programmers and artists all had access to the same insights, presented in a familiar format. This sped up decision-making and allowed us to implement changes rapidly 🚀

Screenshot 2023-09-19 141425

Conclusion 🌟

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile gaming, agility is key. At Netspeak, our standardised testing processes and templated reports aren't just about efficiency; they're about ensuring that we can quickly adapt to our players' needs, ensuring they always have the best experience possible. As we continue to refine and evolve, one thing remains constant: our commitment to a data-driven, standardised approach 🎮