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Our story

Netspeak Games operates as a zero-crunch studio, a family-first attitude, and a relaxed working environment. D&D Thursdays, MTG lunches & table football tournaments are both included and encouraged. We love remote working - either full time or just the occasional day of work-from-home.

At the heart of our business are our people, we have built a culture that celebrates diversity and community, whilst encouraging creativity and fun. Unlimited holiday as standard, optional 4 day working weeks (if preferred) are supported too.

We don't have any office dogs yet. But our bodies & souls are ready for when one arrives!

Inclusive, diverse but above all fun

Our first game

We innovate to create immersive, meaningful experiences that delight our players. We take pride in making titles that reach a large audience and in creating communities that last.

Our first game is Sunshine Days, designed to be a fun place to hang out with friends. You can relax, play or just get some headspace. Mobile & PC first : all other platforms later.

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