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Our story

Hi 👋 We’re Netspeak Games - a remote-first games studio, dedicated to making wholesome social games!

Netspeak was founded on the idea that great games start with great, happy teams. So from the very beginning, we’ve made it our mission to build a company with people at its heart.

Creativity, care, and community is our DNA. Here, we celebrate our differences. Cherish our imperfections. Seek and value diversity. We’re energetic, joyful makers, daring to do things differently. And we’ve worked hard to build a company culture that empowers our team to be their brilliant, best, authentic selves.

Pooling our collective ideas, perspectives, and creativity, we build beautifully-crafted wholesome games, designed to surprise & delight! 💛

Inclusive, diverse but above all fun

Our first game

We all dream of a bright, beautiful world that includes, respects, and represents everyone. So we thought we’d build one!

Our first game is Sunshine Days - a wholesome village-life game with a social twist. Play as the new kid on the block in the cute and colourful world of Sunshine Valley - where it's up to you to shape the future of the village & help the community find its heart again!

Make a little place that’s just for you, with eclectic crafting and personalisation options for your home and character. Find joy in adorable everyday tasks. And explore a beautiful natural world, full of kooky animals, colourful characters, zany villains & more! Out now in Early Access.

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