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Welcome to Netspeak!

Netspeak's culture is one of collaboration & ambition.

We want to be a place that unleashes potential - a place where people come to find out what they are capable of. We also want Netspeak to be a safe space; one where your team aren’t just understanding but encouraging too.

The below is taken from our company handbook:

If we can gather people from all over the world into an environment where our differences are explored & celebrated; where mistakes are cherished and feedback is kindness; then together, we will bring about great change.

Netspeak Games is an ambition. We believe a better type of company is possible. Everything we do comes back to three core values: Diversity, Collaboration, Inclusion. They all complement and reinforce each other:

Diversity 🤝 Inclusion

We create games for people who have been historically overlooked by our industry. In order to do that well, we want to give underrepresented genders and ethnicities an environment where they can be challenged and progress professionally. Have a look at our team and who we are!

Collaboration 🤝 Inclusion

Our design process is at the heart of our studio culture. We start collectively ideating - going really broad and discussing things we like or don’t like together as a team. We use research & data to narrow down those ideas towards something viable - and then several collective iterations later we have a viable mechanic or theme to add to our roadmap. Everyone is welcome to suggest new projects!

Collaboration 🤝 Inclusion

One thing that often gets overlooked is how relationships within the work place can contribute to your career growth - networking is always important and increasingly so in a remote world. To help with that, we have company time just for hanging out and playing games together.

Diversity 🤝 Inclusion

We dedicate time and budget towards training every month within work hours. Some people read, some focus on online courses. Some of the learning done in this time has already impacted our art pipeline! We know everyone wants to be good at what they do - and that involves having the time and space to learn - we’re working on creating an inclusive space for everyone to do so.

This is just the start of Netspeak Games - we're aiming to share more here and on social media as we near the launch of our first product, Sunshine Days. If our culture and values resonate with you, follow us on Twitter and checkout our job listings - we're always open to speculative applications!