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Meet Jen

So, who are you and what do you do?

To put it in one sentence, I’m the Data Director and I look after all the numbers and reporting. I make sure that the data is correct and that we use it wisely!

What does the Data Director’s daily routine look like?

I start the day by opening up the app health report and reviewing the game’s performance the day before. I take note of anything that looks concerning, and then spend the rest of the day exploring hypotheses, writing reports and talking to the game team about my findings.

So, can you tell us a little about how you turn numbers into insights?

That’s a good question but, I almost feel like it’s the other way round. I don’t turn numbers into insights - I translate hypotheses into measurable metrics. For example, when we design a feature in the game, the designers will have a hypothesis about it - ‘People will enjoy this feature because X’ or ‘Players will like this because they are motivated by Y.’ These hypotheses are fine, but they’re verbal - you can’t really tell if they’re true or false without doing some measurements. So my team will translate the theory into numbers, and the numbers will show if the designers are right or not. Sometimes we use the standard KPIs, and sometimes we need to go deeper into the raw data and look closely at player behavior.

Sunshine Days is a live game. What does mean for you?

It means there's constantly something happening. You’ll never feel like there's a dull day. One example of what that means practically is that I look after the calendar of live events, and make sure there’s always something new for players to collect and something for them to earn. The designers and artists have made all these events and special offers and sales and things, and I schedule them and organize them so that the most players see them, and check they’re performing well.

Is there anything you’ve done recently that you’re particularly proud of?

We’ve recently overhauled our entire A/B test process and it’s working really well. We have report templates, automated reports, and a straightforward way for designers and developers to set a test up. It means we get results back really fast, which we love because we have to be able to iterate fast and learn and make changes.

How do you find working at Netspeak?

Everyone's very nice. That's very important. The studio is very inclusive. You don't need to feel anxious about clocking into work or anything. Also, everyone's a good listener, so you definitely feel heard.

And last but not least, what’s your friend code in Sunshine Days?