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Making Kinder Online Worlds

With Sunshine Days, we’re trying to build a game where players can connect, make friends, and enjoy positive interactions. But this is easier said than done - we live in a digital landscape fraught with unsafe and unfriendly spaces. Building a positive social environment isn't as simple as slapping a chat function on a game and calling it a day. We've observed that many "chat room games" are unfortunately really negative spaces, while demanding guilds in free-to-play titles often take the fun right out of a game. We’re committed to making sure that the community we’re building is a safe, kind one.

What are we doing differently?

Players learn the rules of a game and its world by playing it, and their behavior is shaped by the values of the game - and so we believe that the solution is to use the game itself to teach the kind of behavior you hope to see. To encourage positive interactions and foster friendship, we’ve designed a three-tiered model that gradually introduces players to the social aspects of Sunshine Days.

Tier 1 - Relaxation

In the first tier, the game is about building the in-game community and creating your dream house in peace. Early on, the game is about relaxing tasks, chill music, and cheerful vibes. You’ll see other players, but hey, there’s no pressure to interact if you don't feel like it. The game mechanics are themed around building, creativity and friendship, which starts to embed these values in the world.

Tier 2 - Parallel Play

When you get to the second tier, you'll start realizing that teaming up with other players can sometimes help you manage your tasks more easily. While there's still no strong pressure or obligation to engage, players begin to realize the benefits of cooperation. Want those rare mushrooms and sunflowers? Well, they're easier to find in other players' houses, which you can visit. You can send other players gifts, and you can use our “canned phrases” chat system to have simple cheerful conversations. We also do some behind-the-scenes magic to make sure players frequently bump into the same individuals during their time in the game. Familiarity breeds friendship, after all!

Tier 3 - Collaboration and Creativity

Although it’s still in its early stages, the third tier will provide players with an even more interconnected experience. Players will encounter tasks that can only be completed with the help of others. You’ll have access to communal "clubhouse" areas that can be customized together. Once you’ve spent enough time with another player, you’ll unlock the ability to chat and get to know them properly. The world will be more and more shaped by the players and their communities, and eventually they'll be spending most of their time in areas they made rather than areas we made.

By gradually moving players through these stages, we hope that kindness and generosity become the default for our world. You’ll be surrounded by a community of players who genuinely want to hang out, make friends, and make cool stuff together.

It's all about creating a space where positivity thrives! We've got big things planned for the next few months. Stay tuned!