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June Newsletter

Hi Villagers! 👒 Summer Season is here!

Whew, May was a huge month for Sunshine Days! ☀️

🔨 Our main focus has been adding more long-term goals and activities to the game by extending our crafting and friendship systems.

🌻 Spud now has his own crafting system, and making friends with him will lead to all kinds of sunflower-themed rewards.

🏡 We've also given Rowan a house you can furnish - and in future, all characters will have their own home you can help them to build.

📚 We also finally added the ability to buy multiple items at a time from shops. This has to be our most-requested quality-of-life feature of all time so we're really pleased to finally ship it!

📌 The thing we're most excited about, though, is the new Community Choice location on the map. We aren't doing very much with it yet but in the next few weeks you can expect to see something new and interesting every time you visit it. If you'd like your house to be featured, complete the form on discord!

🎵 We also released the game's soundtrack - check it out here!

🐚 Oh, and Summer Season has started, so get to work earning these brand-new rewards!