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July Newsletter

Hi Villagers! 🎺 Castle Season is here!

It's been an absolutely enormous month. Here are the latest updates June brought for Sunshine Days! 🌞

🏡 The biggest new feature is the Design A Room system! Renovate and decorate Sunshine Valley's residents' places, follow their preferences for friendship rewards, and come back to fill in more contracts!

🐟 A brand new character has joined the cast of Sunshine Days! Go greet Freya the Otter in her humble abode alongside the banks of Flappyfin Waterway.

☕ The Sugar Cube coffee shop is back! Oliver and Noor return to sell coffee and cakes for you to gift to characters across the Valley!

🎁 You can now make friends with every character in the game. Give them gifts to get unique rewards!

🏰 Have you ever wanted to live in a castle? Well, now you can! Castle Season starts tomorrow, with walls and turrets and thrones and barrels ahoy.