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How We Made Freya

Freya’s the new face in the Valley, and she’s taking over from Delphine as the character who looks after the fishing mechanic. She’s the first brand-new character we’ve made in a while and we’re pretty pleased with her, so we thought we’d share a little about how she came to be.


We had a few goals for Freya’s concept - we wanted someone who loves the outdoors, has a rugged love of fishing and nature. We decided we’d like her to be an otter - a suggestion which originally came from our discord community. We also thought it would be fun to give her a touch of nostalgia and old-world charm - jazz music, the crackle and pop of a record player, evening drinks on the porch.

freya expressions (1)

All our new characters are going to come with a set of furniture that’s themed after their personality, which the player will be able to craft when they befriend the character. For Freya, we took inspiration from Art Nouveau, feeling that its classic iconic style and its watery flowing lines were something that Freya would like.

flappy_fin_furnitures_final (1)

Freya’s also the third character to use our new friendship system, and making friends with her will lead to all sorts of themed rewards including glass-making machines, a stained glass crafting table, and all sorts of fishing and river-themed decorations for your own home.

FreyaWalkking (1)