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The Future of Sunshine Days!

🎺 We have an announcement! 🎺

We’re proud to announce that Sunshine Days is coming to PC!

Our mission with Sunshine Days has always been to give players the tools to create their own little slice of paradise, and today that vision gets one step closer to reality. But the PC version isn’t just a straight port of the mobile game - it also adds a set of new features we’re calling Creator Mode, including enhanced building tools, more parts to build with, and the ability to publish your creations and have them viewed by other players. We’re already trialing the new mode with some early testers, and we've been blown away by the results so far. We can't wait to get it into more people's hands.

The most rewarding part of making Sunshine Days has been seeing what sorts of things players have cooked up, and we’re hoping that by releasing a PC version with the more precise control that a mouse and keyboard affords, we’ll make that creative process smoother and more relaxing.

We don’t have a release date yet, but you can wishlist it here and be the first to play it when it comes out.

Where are we going next?

This doesn’t mean the game is finished - far from it! What it means is that we now believe that every pillar of our final vision for the game is present and playable. We have an evolving economy, the ability to interact with other players, and the ability to build and share things you’ve created. But the game is going to continue to grow and evolve over the coming years, and we have dozens of features planned to add to those three pillars. In just the next twelve months, we’re planning features including:

  • More sophisticated building tools
  • Components to build with, which will dramatically increase the scope of what it’s possible to make
  • Tools to let you share your creations with other players
  • Guild-like systems to let you complete tasks and build things together
  • Narrative systems which will tell an ever-changing story about the world of Sunshine Days
  • Systems to let players collaborate and vote on the future shape of the world

Plus a whole bunch of other fun stuff that we won’t spoil quite yet 🤐

The ultimate vision for Sunshine Days remains the same, of course. We believe that the happiest life is one you make yourself and share with others, and Sunshine Valley is your space to try just that. We’re trying to build a safe, cozy corner of the internet where everyone is welcome - a place where the more time you spend, the more it feels like somewhere you made. Like May said in last week's post, we’re in this for the long haul, and we’re excited to have you along for the journey!