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Dragons are descending on Sunshine Valley

Dragons are descending on Sunshine Valley

A fantastical story is unfolding across Sunshine Valley in May as Sunshine Days unveils its most magical season yet!

The dragons are coming to Sunshine Valley from May 1st, bringing with them an array of enchanting wonders that are sure to ignite the imagination of Villagers around the world.

April 19th 2024, Soar into a grand adventure with Dragon Season discovering hatchable eggs that will see every Villager raise their own herd of cute and chaotic dragons.


Dive into the excitement with the six-week Dragon Season Pass, which in a Sunshine Days first will be offering a whopping 100 levels of discovery and delight.

These majestic creatures will steal your heart but don’t be fooled by their cute appearance, they’re fierce and chaotic so be sure to keep them safe in your castle build!

This year, Sunshine Valley introduces a groundbreaking addition: the Dragon Balm Machine. Harnessing the mystical properties of dragonfruit allows Villagers who harvest the fruit to distill the essence to create Dragon Balm. Crafting the Balm sparks the evolutionary process of unhatched dragons - offering the chance to encounter rare, shimmering dragon companions as a reward! 🐉✨

This season truly promises enchantment at every turn, with an additional Good Vibes track running for the entire month of May distributing Dragon themed rewards in return for Good Vibes shared between Villagers as they explore the Valley or join community boombox parties.

Let your imagination take flight as you explore this magical world teeming with dragons, dragon themed items, critters, and endless possibilities. Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime—come experience cosplaying as a Dragon as you hatch & evolve your Dragon herd in Sunshine Valley from May 1st.

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