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Care Bears™ are coming to Sunshine Days

The Villagers of Sunshine Valley are being called to help the Care Bears™ in the March Season pass for cozy mobile game Sunshine Days. ☀️✨

London, March 1 2024, Starting today Care-a-Lot lands in Sunshine Valley delighting Sunshine Days Villagers in a licensed partnership first for Netspeak Games.

The Care Bears™ have come to Sunshine Valley because Care-a-Lot needs help! The Care-o-Meter has run dry and the bear’s magical power has dried up. Sunshine Valley Villagers are called to help the bears restore their powers and return Care-a-Lot to its rightful place among the clouds! ☁️🌈


Care Bears™ is the 22nd Season Pass to launch in Sunshine Days, the pass is set over 50 levels, with a free and premium option available to Villagers. ☀️✨

In-game Care Bears™ themed hikes run from Mar 1 - 31 with a combined hike style using elements from two of Sunshine Days regular hikes 'Potion Brewing' to make rainbow fountains and collaborative collecting which uses a series of trampoline and lever powered lifts akin to 'Lemon Mountain'. Rainbow Tokens & Cloud Tokens will be earned & then dropped into resource crates in return for Crystal Hearts and Crystal Coins that can be spent on event themed items to decorate Villager houses. 🌈

The Care Bears™ season pass has 4 Community Tournaments throughout the month - kicking off on Sat 2nd March ending each Friday and refreshing again on the Saturday, which will see the community of Villagers work together to help save Care-O-Lot!🌈✨

Care Bears™ outfits can be earned and purchased throughout the month across the Season Pass and from two themed Bundles - giving every Sunshine Valley Villager a chance to cosplay as a Care Bear this season as they work together to repair the Care-O-Meter. 💗💜💙

There is an additional Good Vibes track running for the entire month of March distributing Care Bears™ rewards in return for Good Vibes shared between Villagers as they explore the Valley or join community boombox parties. 💚

The full list of Care Bears to feature in the season through the season pass itself, by joining the community tournaments, through the Good Vibes path and purchasable bundles are:

💗 Tender Heart 💗 Wish Bear 💗 Cheer Bear 💗 Bedtime Bear 💗 Funshine Bear 💗 Good-Luck Bear 💗 Grumpy Bear 💗 Love-A-Lot Bear 💗 Harmony Bear 💗 Share Bear

Sunshine Days is a relaxing, cozy, social game where you can design your home, explore the Valley and find your community. Share your creations, make friends with your fellow villagers and build the home of your dreams together! Available on both iOS and Android the game is free to play.