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A Year in Sunshine Valley

From cute castles and rollerskating to potion brewing & plotherball, 2023 has been quite the year in Sunshine Valley…

What a year it’s been! Sunshine Valley has changed so much, and we think it's cozier and more alive than ever. 💖

Every month there’s been something new. We learned to rollerskate, built castles & bakeries, took to the skies on broomsticks and mastered the art of Plotherball. ⚽

Outside the Valley, it’s been a big year for Netspeak. In the last twelve months our hard-working team have released:

  • Journey Tasks, Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks - imagine the game without these!
  • Twelve Season Passes, including Castle Season which was the beginning of the new ‘Build a Whole Structure’ era
  • Thirteen different Hikes and a whole series of one-off special events
  • Good Vibes and Boomboxes
  • New locations including Sada’s garden center, Eclipse Mall and Glitterdrop Cave, Mr Shiba’s Shop
  • Social tools including Teleport to Friend, Follow and Unfollow, and Gifting
  • The daily Community Choice location, showcasing a different community house every day
  • The Friendship system, including tracks for nearly all NPCs, and decoratable houses
  • Furniture crafting and resource-processing machines
  • The Design-a-Room system, letting players decorate rooms in exchange for unique rewards
  • Roller skating and broomstick-riding
  • Tournaments - just fishing so far, but more are coming!
  • A fully redesigned HUD so everything you need is never more than two taps away
  • Countless iterations on the first 30 minutes of the game

Here’s just a few incredible things we’ve achieved together with you, the Villagers of Sunshine Days…

  • 2 volumes of Sunshine Days Soundtrack released! 🎶
  • 12 season passes ☀️
  • 7800 villagers joined the Discord 💛
  • 453,496 gifts shared between Villagers 🎁
  • 501,000 visits to Sunshine Valley ☀️
  • Over 1 Million minnow caught in our first ever community tournament! 🐟
  • 5,524,981 Good Vibes shared between Villagers 💚
  • 10,477,644 furniture items placed in Sunshine Valley 🏡

We tried to count the frogs but they kept hopping about…🐸

2311-MilestoneTemplate-Square-1080x1080(alt) (1)

We thought it would be nice to round the year out by pulling the curtain back on some of the things we’re working on at the moment, which we expect will ship next year.

  • Spaces - Tired of living in a forest? Build your home on top of a mountain, or in a cave, or by a riverbank
  • Booster Progression - Improve the Axe Sharpener and the other boosters to reduce cooldowns, use the tool for longer, and add fun side-effects to spice up resource gathering
  • Machine Progression - Want more resources? Level up your accumulators and resource processors so you can craft more stuff
  • PC Version Creator Mode - Want to customize your house with the precision of a mouse and keyboard? Well, you’ll be able to!
  • Yet More Hikes - We love the hikes system, so we’re going to add plenty more of them
  • Raising Item Cap and Harvesting Limit - Just as soon as we’ve passed all our safety checks

Get into the season of gift-giving and good vibes as you join the latest community tournaments to arrive in Sunshine Valley:

  • 🎁Gifting🎁 tournament on 12 - 14 December
  • 💚Good Vibes 💚 tournament 20 - 24 December

Finally, we want to thank you, the Villagers of Sunshine Days for being here with us. We wouldn’t have a village without you and we can’t wait for a whole new year of fun in 2024, but until then we hope you stay safe, warm & cozy this winter. 🌞💛

As a reminder our team is taking a short break over the festive period to take a well earned break and spend time in Sunshine Valley. They will be out of office from 24 December - 2nd January.

Enjoy our year in review…