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Our new blog!

Exactly what the internet needs. Another blog :)

We like to think we do things more than a little differently and so we're going to try really hard to keep this blog fresh & unique. Over the next few weeks & months you're going to hear from all our different departments so that you might get to know us better - and maybe even learn something!

I'd like to start it off by talking about something that's really important to me personally; why I started Netspeak Games.

The “why” of a business is fascinating. It can’t change. Direction, product, people - they can all change (and in some cases, should). But why I started Netspeak can’t. I decided that no matter what direction we get pulled in & where the business ends up; I'm going to have the why written down where people can see. I hope it provides value - even if only in hindsight.

The below is taken from our company handbook:

I believe that creating a safe space for people - a space where they can truly express themselves, will create a business that is not only extremely profitable but fun to be a part of. If we can gather people from all over the world into an environment where our differences are explored & celebrated; where mistakes are cherished and feedback is kindness then together we will bring about great change.

I've worked in all sorts of places - all creative in their own way; but I often felt like some people were holding back, or even being held back because the space they were in didn't support them appropriately.

Why did I start Netspeak? Because I believe a better type of company is possible. Diversity, Collaboration, Inclusion - in everything we do.

We're at the very beginning of our journey as a business; and already we have learnt so much. The product has changed - our team has changed - basically everything is different. But the why? The why remains the same. Cheers, Cally